Hosea Cleveland Biography

Hosea Cleveland is a native of South Carolina born to a poor, working-class family in Oconee County that placed a strong emphasis on education.  He was taught that there was no sweeter fruit than that of the education tree. In 2016, Cleveland ran as the Democratic Party nominee for the U.S. House of Representatives, South Carolina District 3. He ran a grassroots campaign on a platform of improving our education system with friends like County Councilman Garrett McDaniel, of Laurens County, and volunteers from Clemson University student Democrats.

Cleveland was raised by his mother, along with her oldest sister and his grandmother, which made him the epitome of a child raised by a village.  These women passed on qualities such as intelligence, compassion and wisdom, much of what helped him understand the importance of doing what’s right and serving others.  He has lived his life and career based on always giving to those who have less. As a Democratic candidate, Cleveland advocates for health care for all, raising minimum wages and promoting clean energy.

Cleveland joined the U.S. Army in 1975 upon graduating from high school with an idea to use the G.I. Bill to help fund his college experience.  He was accepted by South Carolina State University in 1979 and earned a degree in Civil Engineering Technology in December 1983. He met his soulmate back home his freshman year, and they were married two years after he completed college. He was widowed a decade later after her diagnosis with breast cancer.

 Cleveland discovered loving his daughters, then four and nine years old, and his stepson, sixteen at the time, a wonderful gift, as he navigated his life without his wife. Cleveland did not fold to a life of difficulties and challenges.  While raising his children and sending them to college, he served on local boards to improve conditions in his community. He founded and helped fund a college scholarship that awarded thousands of dollars to local students over two decades and served as a mentor and helped many children make it up the trail.

In December 2019, Cleveland retired from insurance sales and twenty-two years to date as an insurance agency owner.  He understands the challenges of the working class who are too often underrepresent and especially those in our rural communities.  South Carolina 3rd District can trust Hosea Cleveland to fight for the issues that best serve every constituent and he will be the champion for the small business owners.